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Tips on How To Teach Kids to Love Reading

Reading is a vital skill for kids to have. It’s a useful tool that can help kids learn. And over time, reading can help kids to develop their vocabulary and writing skills. But, even though it’s important, some kids can be reluctant to read or spend much time reading for fun. Whether your child is […]

Secrets to Getting Your Preschooler to Eat Their Vegetables

In our house, mealtimes can be a battle. Some nights, we’re trying to get a vegetable into our preschooler or kindergartner but it feels like an uphill battle. Sure, I’d love it if they loved vegetables like my husband and I do. The truth is, they actually eat vegetables if they’re disguised as food they […]

Why Preschool Matters

The research is clear: the earlier you start, the better. When it comes to education, early childhood is the foundation. That’s why every child needs access to high-quality preschool programs. Preschool helps children develop the social and emotional skills they’ll need to thrive in school and beyond. It also lays a foundation for success by […]

Stop Your Child From Throwing Tantrums

When it comes to disciplining children, it can be challenging for parents. It can be tempting to give into the crying and screaming, but it is important to stand firm and let your child know you are in control. Easier said than done, right? I feel your pain. I have three small kids of my […]

Things Every Kid Should Do Before Kindergarten

It seems like everyone has a different opinion on whether a child is ready to start kindergarten. Some are ready at five, while others say six. After thinking about this, I’ve come up with my list of things I think every kid should do before starting kindergarten. And these activities will help make sure your […]

Day Care Isn’t Just For Working Parents Anymore

Day care is an essential part of children’s lives and it has evolved over the years. It isn’t just for working parents anymore. In fact, there are some terrific benefits to day care that go beyond childcare. Let’s take a look at what they are now. More parents are taking their children to day care […]

Your Kid Is Too Big For A Crib, But Don’t Panic

How old is too old for a crib? This is a question a lot of parents ask. The short answer is that there’s no magic age saying your kid needs to be out of their crib. Cribs are designed to help you and your baby get through the first year as easily as possible. They […]

Three Ways To Teach Your Kids Critical Thinking Skills

You are doing the best job you can in raising your children to become well-rounded adults. You love and support them unconditionally, and give them the world’s greatest toys and nicest clothing. But is that enough? Beyond the basic needs, there are a number of ways you can teach your kids critical thinking skills and […]

The Most Important Things Preschoolers Learn

One of the most crucial years in a child’s development is the preschool year. Children develop new language and social skills, intellectual abilities, emotional maturity and physical acuity during this time. The experiences they have during this period will determine, in large measure, how successful they are as they move into school. How to be […]

Why A Good After School Program Can Be A Child’s Saving Grace

After school programs can be a great life saver for both parents and children. For children it’s the security to know they’ll get picked up from school and taken somewhere safe until the parent returns home from work. For parents, having their child in an after school program means you can have that extra time […]