The Clubhouse
Summer Day Camp

FOR AGES: Entering 1st Grade - 5th Grade
+ options for younger kids
HOURS: Any consistent 10 hours per day between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
COST: $240 / Week
( Includes lunches and snacks )
* Essential Workers, CDA, YMCA, YMCA Stage 1 Accepted

About Clubhouse Summer Day Camps

The Clubhouse summer day camps provide kids outrageous fun and excitement in addition to keeping them sharp with learning activities all summer long. We pride ourselves on offering action packed days through water play, cool crafts, cooperative games, science experiments, yummy cooking classes, spectacular sports and incredible friendships. Daily activities also include reading, fun math projects, thinking games and small group times where your child will have the ability to engage in mind challenges and educational opportunities.

Camp "Kiddo" & Kindergarten Readiness

We also offer summer camps for younger children too! Children up to 4 years old can enjoy camp and continue to learn and grow with fun themed activities similar to our school age camp. Children are cared for in our preschool setting and grouped age appropriately by our preschool staff. They’ll have the opportunity to play outdoors, interact with other children and engage in plenty of hands on adventure.

  • Low teacher to child ratios
  • Healthy meals included
  • Fun, Healthy and active experiences
  • Weekly field trips
  • Flexible full-day

The Clubhouse Day Camper

  •           Makes lots of friends
  • Experiences San Diego Sites
  •    Loves a Big Challenge
  •        Feels Safe and Healthy
  • Is Imprinted with Enduring Memories
  •      Sleeps Like a Bear

10 Reasons to join us!

  • FUN Experiences
  • Professionally Trained Staff Licensed by Community Care Licensing
  • Low teacher to child ratios
  • SAFE and happy!
  • Affordable
  • Weekly FIELD TRIPS
  • HEALTHY & Active
  • Flexible FULL DAY
  • Highly Regarded
  • Healthy Meals Included


Register TODAY for one week or all ten weeks of our camps!

CAMP out

ART KIT: Camp Journal Kit

BOOK: Toasting Marshmallows – Camp Poems by Kristine O’connell George.

Jump into summer by experiencing camping activities and exploring the natural world! Students will get an opportunity to pretend to go on camping adventures and dive into science, art, and physical activities!

DATE: 6/13/22-6/17/2022
LOCATIONS: Oceanside


ART KIT: DIY boat kit

BOOK: Throw Your Tooth On The Roof – a book of traditions by Selby Beeler.

Explore the wacky and fun world of Disney through themed activities that relate to popular shows on Disney. Campers will compete in game shows, perform science experiments seen on TV, take on the role of a favorite character, and learn from the positive life lessons Disney shows portray.

DATE: 7/5/22-7/8/22
LOCATIONS: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations

GET YOUR game on

ART KIT: Color Your Own Emoji Kite

BOOK: Walter Wick’s Optical Tricks by Walter Witt.

Here is an awesome chance to challenge your skills at different board, card, arcade, and sports games such as Family Feud, Minute to Win It and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? This camp has something for everyone who likes to play games including team tournaments, old-school card games!

DATE: 7/25/22-7/29/22
LOCATIONS: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations


ART KIT: DIY Pinwheel Kit

BOOK: Follow That Map by Scot Ritchie.

Clubhouse Campers are in charge this week! They’ll help create different carnival games and activities, and get prizes and treats galore! Anticipation is at an all-time high leading up to this end-of-summer celebration. You will not want to miss this amazing summer bash!!!

DATE: 8/15/22-8/19/22
LOCATIONS: Escondido, 3 Vista locations

LAUNCH INTO leadership

ART KIT: Thankful Space Mobile Kit

BOOK: The Book Of Bad Ideas by Laura Huliska-Beith.

Leadership week kicks off the summer with getting to know others and discovering the unique leadership qualities in each individual camper. Collaborative work sessions and team building activities will build confidence, resilience and responsibility, empathy and the value of diversity to empower and inspire leaders.

DATE: 6/20/22-6/24/22
LOCATIONS: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations

ANIMAL planet

ART KIT: Tropical Animal Mini Fan Kit

BOOK: Whale Trails Before and Now by Lesa Cline-Ransome.

Explore the wonder and fascination of all animals at our Animal Planet Adventure Camp. Ocean voyagers will experience the thrill of all wild animals when they engage in activities that include ocean/wild life related arts and crafts, games and even a few “Cool Animal Tales.”

DATE: 7/11/22-7/15/22
LOCATIONES: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations

ARTFUL antics

ART KIT: Paint Ceramic Cactus

BOOK: Look! Body Language in Art by Gillian Wolfe.

Come and create with different artistic mediums including photography, acrylic paints, clay and oil pastels. We may even create a script for a summertime story and make a movie. The artistic exploration continues with a dance contest, & talent show.

DATE: 8/1/22-8/5/22
LOCATIONS: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations


Develop a sense of community, gain personal self-confidence and an inherit sense of caring while giving back to our community.

DATE:  8/22/22 – 8/26/22
LOCATIONS: Escondido

MAD science

ART KIT: STEAM Zipline Kit

BOOK: Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.

Turn up your curiosity and team up with fellow “scientists and inventors,” participating in interactive experiments, involving anything from rocks and minerals to electronic circuits and chemicals. We’ll do some investigative reporting, get a little messy and explore the science behind your favorite sport or hobby.

DATE:6/27/22 – 7/1/22
LOCATIONS: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations


ART KIT: Sports Beaded Necklace Kit

BOOK: Mighty Jackie: The Strike Out Queen by Marissa Moss.

This week campers definitely have a BALL exploring all things involving a ball (ball shaped/ball related). Campers will be able to play traditional ball sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer but with exciting twist.

DATE: 7/18/22-7/22/22
LOCATIONS: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations

TROPICAL paradise

ART KIT: Tropical Sand Art Kit

BOOK: Galapogas Girl by Marsha Diane Arnold.

Relax on a different tropical island every day! Join us as we explore the various island environments while noshing on juicy pineapple and sipping fresh fruit smoothies. Handmade leis, grass skirts, a hula or stimulated surf lesson and a fun-filled luau round out this trip to paradise!

DATE: 8/8/22-8/12/22
LOCATIONS: Oceanside, Escondido, 3 Vista locations